Applications of Concrete Interlocking Pavements in the aggressive environments have captured thousands of people's imagination throughout the world. These environments include home driveways, main surfaces for pedestrian malls, sidewalks in city centres and largest ports reinforced concrete surfaces.

Pekerjaan Piasau Konkerit Sdn. Bhd. (PPK) Paving Block provides firm and interlocking strength but with resilience to allow for small movements from heavy loads without being damaged. This tremendous strength of the paver is due to its multi-bond that distributes any force over adjoining stones.

Pavers handy shape makes it easy to handle and lay. Its ergonomically-balanced design enable one to fit into any pattern of your own choice and this unique shape allows the most flexible laying formats.


Summary of our paver manufacturing business

  • Specialize in manufacturing concrete paver for pavements, walkways, garden footpath, streets and other paving needs.

What is interlocking concrete pavement ?
Interlocking concrete pavement is typically constructed as a flexible pavement on a compacted soil subgrade, compacted aggregate base and sand bedding course. Hand sized concrete pavers are placed on a thin layer of bedding sand placed on top of the base. The joint between the pavers are filled with sand and the pavers are compacted, sand swept into the joints and the units compacted again. When compacted, the pavers interlock, transferring vertical loads from vehicles to surrounding pavers by shear forces through the joint sand. The sand in the joints enables applied loads to be spread in a manner similar to asphalt, reducing the stresses on the base and subgrade

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