Shin Yang Group of Companies (Woodbased Division)

“WOOD is a Better Environmental Choice for Building. It is Renewable, Recyclable and Sustainable”


About Us

Shin Yang Group of Companies (Woodbased Division) is a major manufacturer in timber related products.

Our mills’ facilities are upgrading continuously to ensure our business is competitive and sustainable in the future. Our facilities are able to achieve accomplishment by producing zero wood waste, more environmental friendly and higher energy efficiency.

Besides the huge investment in high tech plywood machineries, our mills are well equipped with the state of the art secondary processing machineries that enable us to extend our products line up to more value added products such as Phenolic Film Plywood, Urethane Coated Plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber, Wood Pellet, Furniture and many more. The overall capacity of our plywood production can achieve more than 100,000m3 per month.

Shin Yang Group of Companies (Woodbased Division) is much more than just a plywood manufacturer. We strongly believe and emphasize towards Environmental and Social Responsibility from the very early stage.

Our timber products are always a better choice in green building industry as they are renewable, recyclable and environmental friendly.

While from the social perspective, the expansion of our products line up eventually creates more job opportunities and value added products from eco-friendly wood resources.

Moreover, we are also advanced in research and innovation to satisfy any relevant and appropriate requirements, as requested by our customers.



Our Products:

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Our Global Market

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Quality Assurance and Eco-friendly Material

We are the first plywood mill in Malaysia to receive the prestigious Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS).

As high quality products are always the first priority to us, therefore every batch of our products will undergo a series of quality control by using the advanced testing equipment and latest test methodologies by our well-trained personnel.

We have our own tree plantation, known as “e‐forest”. Till the end of 2015, we are proudly announce that there are total of 278 million of trees being planted.

In order to show our commitment in quality, legality and protecting the environment, our forestry and mill operations are being accredited by numerous reputable third party’s certification bodies.

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Green Manufacture

Investment in latest technology help us to pursue further our goal towards becoming an environmental‐friendly asset to the world.

We generate our own clean and renewable electricity from wood biomass, whilst reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.

Owing to the state of the art greater efficiency power plant, we are utilizing less wood to generate the same amount of energy that are needed. The excess wood wastes are converted into Wood Pellet, which is an Environmental-friendly Bioenergy Fuel.

Unlike fossil fuel, wood pellet is considered as a carbon neutral fuel because during the crops grow, it will absorb carbon dioxide, and release it back to the atmosphere when burnt. In contrast to fossil fuel, it will only release carbon dioxide when burnt. Making full use of our resources is the key for us to be successful and sustainable.

With the innovative breakthrough of our Rotary Peeling Machine, the recovery rate had increased significantly. We are now able to utilize optimally all kinds of logs from as small as 10cm in diameter, while leaving the core lumber of approximately 1cm in diameter as leftover. Credit to all of these greater efficiency machineries, we are now able to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions and thus, contributing to a better environment.


Innovative & Research

Investment for R&D abroad and having our own advisors from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China enable us to develop new and high quality products specifically required for foreign markets. This encourage in setting new benchmarks in timber industry through a long-term exploratory nature.

We also do research and collaboration with universities and government agencies such as Universiti Putra Malaysia, Curtin University Sarawak, Universiti Institut Teknologi MARA and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC). Occasionally, we also communicate and collaborating with our existing resins’, raw materials’ and machineries’ suppliers, to give assurance and enhancement on our products’ qualities.


Trained and Efficient Staff

Each individual member of our team is very committed in producing high quality products to our customers. Training on management, maintenance of machineries, relevant research in raw materials and resins, as well as various products’ development are being conducted by local and foreign professional trainers at appropriate time.

With highly efficient and knowledgeable staff, we are able to give assurance on our products’ quality and ensured on time delivery. We can also produce various wood products as customized by the end users.


Contact Us

For products and services queries, kindly contact us by using the details below:


Lot 515, Jalan Datuk Edward Jeli, Piasau Industrial Estate
P.O. Box 1599, 98008, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: (+60)85 656699
Fax: (+60)85 650999

Email: (Mr. Alvin Yii)

Email: (Mr. Kueh)

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