1.   Management Objectives
Shin Yang’s E-Profile project is a long term strategy towards providing an alternative & steady source of wood material and eco-friendly for the wood-based industries.
The purpose of e-Profile is to optimize the timber usage and reduce dependency on timber supply from natural forest that have to be managed on a sustainable basis.
The planted forest will also help to relieve the harvesting pressure from natural forest and it will increase the forest cover which can reduce the greenhouse effect. It will also provide additional wood supply to the expanding wood processing industry.
At the same time, re-forestation of degraded forest can contribute for sustainable and high productivity capability in parallel of timber production, maintain, restore and enhance the ecological functions and natural residual forest.

2.   Management System
Our Forest Plantation Management system is basically designed for short rotation period by 7 to 12 years. By planting with fast growing and high quality trees, mixed with medium growth species by forest zoning concept, the produced timber is suitable for wide range of end uses.In parallel with high quality and high productivity, we emphasize on the protection of existing forest ecosystem, Reduced Impact Activities (RIA), and training of employees for continuous safety, improvement and carrier up of employees.

3.   Annual Allowable Cut
To achieve sustainable management, we control the harvesting activity strictly by following Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) resulted from our Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) measurement. The measurement is a continuous monitoring, thus not limited to the spot growth only, but also it enables us to improve our management system continuously.

4.   Environmental protection
To be sustainable management, environmental protection is an essential factor. We are keen in environmental protection such as Stream bank Buffer Reserve, Cultural Heritage, Residual Natural Forests, Wetlands, Terrain IV area, HCV areas etc.

 5.   Reduced Impact Activities
In conjunction with environmental protection, we are practicing Reduced Impact Activities (RIA). This includes various activities such as planting material production, proper chemical use, plantation establishment, road construction and/or maintenance, harvesting, replanting etc.

 6.  Community Relation
A Community relation is an essential for forestry activity, as forest is related to quite wide range of factors in our life, such as a place for people to live/ work, water source, retaining water and soil, enriching water quality by forest extract, recreational space, etc.

We emphasize on local employment, especially for qualified people. We wish our planted forest to be their permanent environment to live in and work.


Policy of Commitment
We, Shin Yang Forestry Sdn. Bhd. do express our policy of commitment for MC&I (Forest Plantation) on activities such as Tree seedlings nursery, Tree planting, Tree Harvesting and Re-planting under Kuala Baram Tree Plantation, LPF 0017, LPF 0018, LPF 0019 project sites.

This Policy of Commitment defines the company’s commitment towards the MC&I system. The Policy shall be the main guideline for all levels of our employees and stake holders in carrying out the company’s business in a conscience manner.

  1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements related to forest management.
  2. Operate according to approved Forest Plantation Management Plan and fulfills all conditions in the Environmental Impact Assessment Agreement.
  3. Continual assessment, evaluation and improvement of forest management practices through monitoring and review.
  4. Support local communities through employment opportunities.
  5. Enhance the skills, knowledge and competency of employee through relevant trainings.
  6. Provide a safe working environment by adhering to safety policy and ensure all employees are trained in safety procedures.
  7. Ensure environmental degradation and pollution is prevented through practice of mitigation measures.
  8. Maintaining existing biological diversity by having conservation zones and protected forest areas.
  9. Harvest at sustainable rates according to Low Impact harvesting methods.

Read more about our tree planting activites at site:

  1. Kuala Baram tree planting
  2. LPF0017 Long Lama Estate
  3. LPF0018 Penyuan Estate
  4. LPF0019 Masama Estate



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